Toyota 86 (2012+) MANTIC Single Plate Clutch Kit Cushioned - Empire Performance

Toyota 86 (2012+) MANTIC Single Plate Clutch Kit Cushioned

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Mantic are Aussie Made and Owned, all Mantic Performance clutches are bench tested before they are sold so that you know you are getting a clutch kit which works and works well!

Designed specifically for the Toyota 86, this is a high quality Mantic Single Plate Ceramic plated clutch kit with a Lightened Performance Flywheel, perfect for hard street driving, or moderate strip/track work.

This is a sprung centre cushioned button type disc that offers a level of performance above organic discs, while offering little compromise in driving style and vehicle usage.

Mantic 9000 Series

Mantic 9000 series clutches are twin disc, 9” (225mm) diameter modular clutches that are designed for high performance cars or track use. Mass is critical for a high performance clutch to produce the expected level of performance, and Mantic offers two levels of low mass clutches to allow you to optimize your vehicle performance to your personal driving style. They offer up to 1010ft lbs (1365nm) of torque drive capability.

Mantic 9000 series are low MOI (Moment of Inertia) twin disc clutches that offer a level of performance not only superior to a single disc unit, but also allow you to select options that best suit you.All 9000 SERIES are made with premium quality materials designed to perform and last the distance.

The key to the 9000 SERIES is the street drivability of the Sprung Street Cerametallic discs. These suit high performance engines and enthusiastic driving styles, while allowing excellent drivability when needed. Low pedal effort is another bonus from the 9000 SERIES.


Mantic Track cover assemblies are extremely light which reduce the moment of inertia (MOI) acting on crank rotation mass, allowing your vehicle to develop faster acceleration through easier revving.


The clutch plate in this kit has organic friction material, cushioned segments and a sprung hub to maintain a strong level of street drivability.


This is a Direct Fit Mantic Track Clutch kit and therefore includes a precision machined billet flywheel designed to suit high RPM applications. The flywheel includes a bolt kit and everything you need to assemble your Mantic Track Clutch System. If you wish to assemble a Mantic Track Clutch System to a different flywheel, as you have a non-standard engine/gearbox configuration, contact us for details on our non-direct fit kits.