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Here at Empire Performance we're passionate about motorsport, which is why you'll see us competing at events such as Targa West and the McRae Motorsport Rallysprints. 

 Our weapon of choice is the Mitsubishi Evo 6. We used a street-registered car that we aquired locally, and built it from scratch. Brad Stacey of LF Performance fame installed an impressive cage which complies with all CAMS regulations. 

Galvsport manage all servicing and maintenance of the car. All belts, hoses and gaskets have been replaced for reliability reasons, and the interior has been upgraded with Sparco Ergo seats and an OMP fire bomb system. 

 The car debuted at Targa South West 2014 and has competed reliably in motorsport events since, including the 2014 Targa West and numerous club-level events. 


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