We have designed, and engineered performance stainless steel exhaust systems and exhaust headers for almost all models, with more in the pipeline. We are your one stop online exhaust shop! We listen to our community and value the needs you have, with our products featuring: 

  • Mandrel Bent Piping for maximum flow
  • Corrosion Resistant, Polished Stainless Steel piping, stainless steel components and thick steel flanges
  • Bolt on Installation allowing DIY
  • All Fitting Components
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Shipping across Australia and New Zealand
Micro-Cat - Micro Catalytic Converter

Empire Performance


Subaru BRZ (2012+) Front + Over Pipe Combo Exhaust
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Toyota 86 (2012+) Front + Over Pipe Combo Exhaust
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Subaru WRX & STI (1995-2005) Turbo Downpipe Exhaust
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Australia's #1 in Aftermarket Performance Exhausts

Exhausts Australia

Empire Performance is known for supplying quality aftermarket exhausts for various vehicle brands, models, and makes in Australia. Performance exhausts add more torque and power to your vehicle. 

We custom designed and engineered our stainless-steel exhausts to dramatically improve the engine's efficiency. Our advanced design will allow your engine to breathe better and produce more energy. 

Benefits of Performance Exhausts

Our aftermarket performance exhausts deliver various benefits, including:

  • Improved Fuel Economy. Upgrading your exhaust system can provide fuel efficiencies over time. You'll typically get the best results when you opt for a complete replacement instead of an axle-back or cat-back upgrade. 
  • More Power. You'll get more performance and power out of your vehicle by installing an aftermarket exhaust kit. Quality performance exhausts free up energy, delivering improved horsepower.
  • Sound. Although it might not be the primary reason you’re considering a performance exhaust, installing an aftermarket exhaust enhances the engine's sound. The deep vibrato our performance exhausts produce is sure to turn heads.
  • Enhanced Look. The polished finish of our stainless steel exhausts makes your performance exhaust a focal point of your car, so your vehicle will stand out for all the right reasons.

Types of Exhaust Kits

We offer three types of aftermarket exhausts:

  • Cat-Back Exhausts – It replaces the stock exhaust system from the muffler to the catalytic converter. It provides a moderate improvement in engine performance and fuel economy. 
  • Axle-Back – It replaces the exhaust system from the rear axle to the end of the muffler. Its effect on the car's fuel economy and performance is not as pronounced as other exhaust options.
  • Header-Back – It completely replaces the whole exhaust system. It provides the most improvements when it comes to fuel economy and performance.

Specialists in Performance Exhausts Australia

Over the years, Empire Performance has helped thousands of Australian car owners to upgrade their stock exhausts. We make sure that our clients get the best exhaust kits on the market. Some features of our kits include: 

  • Stainless Steel Pipes – We use stainless steel for exhaust pipes and parts to provide better protection against corrosion. Our exhausts are made of high-quality stainless steel for improved strength. 
  • Mandrel Bent Pipes – We use the mandrel bending technique to ensure that the pipes' diameter is consistent throughout the exhaust. This enables the gases to flow unhindered throughout the pipes.  
  • Easy Install – We designed our exhaust kits for quick bolt-on installation. Installing our kits doesn't require any stands, ramps, or hoists. There's also no need to drill additional holes to install our performance exhausts because they follow the factory-installed exhaust system layout. Also, the kit comes with all the parts you need for the installation, including bolts, gaskets, and other components. 

Replacing your stock exhaust system with aftermarket parts is an affordable way of improving the performance of your vehicle. 

As performance vehicle enthusiasts ourselves we know everything there is to know about upgrading your vehicle. We can recommend the best exhaust kit that suits your budget and needs. Contact our Australian based expert team to learn more about performance exhausts and other aftermarket parts.