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Ford Exhausts

People choose Fords for their value, efficiency, and quality. It is one of the most trusted vehicle brands today. At Empire Performance, we can take your Ford to the next level through world-class aftermarket parts, including our line of Ford exhausts. 

Our performance exhausts are designed to outperform the stock exhaust system that comes with your Ford vehicle. Investing in performance Ford exhausts can improve fuel consumption and overall efficiencies. We have exhaust kits for the Falcon, Fiesta ST, Focus, Mustang and XR5. 

The stock exhaust system is usually made from materials that deteriorate faster with daily use. That’s why we recommend investing in one of our Ford exhausts. Our exhausts are made from 304 grade stainless steel that lasts longer than other exhaust materials

Ford Exhausts Range

We have a wide range of exhaust systems for different Ford vehicles. They are all designed to deliver quality power and sound while allowing the engine to emit gases with ease. 

  • Quality–We use high-quality stainless-steel pipes for the exhaust system. Also, we employ the mandrel bending technique to make sure the diameter is consistent through the tube. That way, gases flow effortlessly.
  • Power–Empire Performance has years of experience delivering quality aftermarket accessories to customers throughout Australia. We only stock products that we trust will help enhance the power of your vehicle.
  • Sound–Our aftermarket exhausts produce a low vibrato sound that is sure to turn heads. 

Our number one priority is quality. We use TIG welds for joints to ensure the pipes are durable even when going through the roughest terrains. We also ensure that there are no holes or gaps in the welds. 

We designed our Ford exhausts with high flow in mind. Using mandrel bending allows gases to pass through the pipes seamlessly. 

For more information on our Ford exhausts or any other aftermarket parts, contact us today.

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