Ford Focus Exhausts

Ford Focus Exhausts

Do you want to take your Ford Focus to new levels of performance? A great way to enhance your vehicle’s look and sound, while delivering performance efficiencies is with one of our aftermarket Ford Focus exhausts.

At Empire Performance, we stock leading performance parts and accessories, including our custom range of Ford Focus exhausts. 

We have designed and engineered our line of Ford Focus exhausts to perform better than the factory-installed system in your vehicle. 

The stock exhaust system is not always up to the task, particularly if you’re looking for more power from your vehicle. Our Ford Focus exhausts are designed to give better fuel efficiencies and are made from 304 grade stainless steel that lasts longer than other exhausts. 

Quality Ford Focus Exhausts 

We take quality seriously when it comes to our exhausts and are proud of the quality of our products. Here are just some of the reasons our Ford Focus exhausts are so popular: 

  • Performance – Our high-quality stainless-steel pipes are manufactured using the mandrel bending technique to make sure the diameter is consistent through the tube. This ensures gases flow effortlessly, freeing up power.
  • Trusted – Empire Performance has been delivering quality aftermarket parts to customers for many years. We only stock products that we know are designed to last and will deliver the performance our customers want. 
  • Sound – Our Ford Focus exhausts don’t just look good, they sound great. Their low vibrato sound gets all the right kind of attention. 

A major feature of our exhausts is that you can install them yourself. You can fit our Ford Focus exhausts without needing stands, ramps, and hoists. Our bolt on design follows the layout of the original exhaust system, so that you won't need to drill any new holes to install your new Ford Focus exhaust. Alternatively, you may wish to engage a professional to do it for you. In that case, we can connect you to a trusted installer who can take care of the job for you. 

For more information on our Ford Focus exhausts or any other aftermarket parts, contact us today.

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