Holden Exhausts

Holden and Ford have been battling each other from the very beginning of Australian car manufacturing, with everybody's mate having their own opinion of the better brand.

Most famously known for the Holden Commodore in V8 form and the performance models of the HSV / Holden Special Vehicles' which are taken to the next level. There is simply no replacement for displacement, however we are all for forced induction on these beasts as well!

At Empire Performance, we are enthusiasts as well. Therefore we understand first hand how important it is to have corrosion resistant, durable exhausts with high performance characteristics that will withstand the test of time.

We have designed, and engineered performance exhaust systems and brake upgrade kits for the entire range of Holden Commodore's and HSV's ranging from VT-VZ and next gen VE-VF models, with more in the pipeline. We listen to our community and value the needs you have, with our exhaust products featuring:

Mandrel Bent Piping for maximum flow
Corrosion Resistant, Polished Stainless Steel piping, stainless steel components and thick steel flanges
Bolt on Installation allowing DIY
All Fitting Components
2 Year Warranty

Holden Exhausts

At Empire Performance we stock high quality Holden exhausts and other performance accessories for a range of different Holden models. 

As performance vehicle enthusiasts ourselves we know exactly what you need and want when it comes to efficiencies and the power of your Holden. 

We know the importance of durable Holden exhausts that can boost performance and last for a long time. This is why we designed and manufactured performance exhaust systems for the Commodore line and the high-performance HSV models. 

Aftermarket Holden Exhaust Systems

Standard exhaust systems can limit your driving experience. Even the performance models from the HSV line can still gain power with an aftermarket exhaust like one of our Holden exhausts. Our products can unleash your car’s horsepower by optimising the emissions’ flow.   

Features of Our Holden Exhausts 

Our Holden exhausts for the Commodore, and HSV models have several features, including:

  • Mandrel Bent Piping – We use the mandrel pipe bending process in manufacturing to ensure uniform diameter throughout the exhausts. As a result, energy flows seamlessly throughout the system. 
  • Corrosion Resistance – We used 304-grade stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion and offer maximum strength. The material is also more durable than the 409-grade stainless steel used in many stock exhausts. We engineered out exhausts with chromium and nickel, which gives them the ability to resist oxidation and corrosion.   
  • Bolt-On Installation – Our exhaust kits follow the same factory layout and orientation of the original stock exhaust installed on your Holden. You can install the aftermarket exhausts without the need to drill new holes, making our Holden exhausts perfect for DIY installation.   
  • All Fitting Parts – Our exhaust kits come with gaskets, bolts, and clamps needed for installation. All you need to do is remove the existing exhaust and replace it with our aftermarket kit. 
  • Two Year Warranty – We guarantee the quality of our products. They come with a two-year warranty. So you can be assured your new Holden exhaust will last for a long time. 

If you would like your new Holden exhaust to be professionally installed, let us connect you with a trusted fitter from within our Australian network. 

The Holden Aftermarket Parts Specialists

We stock an extensive range of performance accessories for Holdens, beyond exhausts. We only stock the best products from leading performance part brands. Take a moment to browse our online store and get in contact with one of our expert team members if you have any queries or need help choosing the right parts for your Holden.

For more information about Holden exhausts or other aftermarket parts for your vehicle, contact Empire Performance today. 

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