Holden Wagon Exhausts

Our High Performance Holden Wagon Exhausts

Are you looking to improve the performance of your Holden wagon? If so, we suggest investing in one of our Holden wagon exhausts. 

One of the most efficient ways of optimising the performance and power of your vehicle is by upgrading to a performance exhaust system. Empire Performance offers Holden wagon exhausts made with efficiency in mind. The modern design allows the engine to emit gases better. As a result, the engine generates more power. 

Leaders in Holden Wagon Exhausts

Our Holden wagon exhausts are manufactured using the mandrel bending technique. The process allows us to maintain the diameter throughout the length of the tube. As a result, energy flows seamlessly throughout the exhaust system. 

Our team picked high-grade stainless steel as the material for our exhausts. It has anti-corrosive properties and its strength means our exhausts are made to last for a long time. One of the most popular features of our Holden wagon exhausts is their polished finish.

Once our aftermarket exhaust is installed on your Holden wagon, you should see, hear, and feel an immediate difference. 

Holden Exhausts Installation

Our performance exhausts allow for DIY installation. Our kits contain all the parts needed for fitting, including mufflers, pipes and headers. In addition, we designed our Holden wagon exhausts to follow the factory layout of the vehicle. As a result, you don’t need to drill additional holes in the car during the installation process.

Additionally there is no need to use stands, ramps, or hoists to install our Holden wagon exhausts. The kit comes with bolts, gaskets and other items required to install the exhaust system. 

If you need help with installation, we can refer you to a member of our trusted fitters’ network. 

For more information about our Holden wagon exhausts and other performance parts, contact Empire Performance today. We’re performance vehicle enthusiasts just like you so are well-equipped to help with any questions about Holden parts.

LEADERS IN Holden Wagon Exhausts