Ford XR5 Exhausts

Ford XR5 Exhausts

To achieve significant gains in sound, economy and performance, you can’t go past one of Empire Performance’s stainless steel Ford XR5 exhausts. 

Switch out your restrictive factory exhaust system with one of our high quality XR5 exhausts and experience the difference. 

When it comes to modifying your Ford Focus, one of the first things you should do is upgrade your exhaust system. Aftermarket XR5 exhausts remove heat and gases more quickly, meaning your engine will perform more effectively and efficiently. 

Install one of our Ford XR5 exhausts for a truly impressive sound that gets attention. 

Stainless Steel Ford XR5 Exhausts

At Empire Performance, we pride ourselves on our range of premium exhaust systems. Our XR5 exhausts have been specifically designed and engineered to suit your Ford Focus. 

Our 304 grade stainless steel Ford XR5 exhausts are corrosion resistant, have mandrel bent piping and are TIG welded. 

Not only that, but they are so easy to install. Simply replace your factory exhaust with one of our XR5 exhausts. Our exhaust systems come with all the bolts, gaskets and clamps you need, so you can bolt on your new exhaust without any fuss. 

For the ultimate performance boost and maximum grunt, get in touch with the team at Empire Performance about our Ford XR5 exhausts today. 

All of our custom exhausts come with a two year warranty for peace of mind. 

Ford XR5 Exhausts & Other Aftermarket Parts

Empire Performance sells products designed to maximise the performance of your Ford Focus. We stock a huge range of aftermarket parts, such as Ford XR5 exhausts, at half the price of similar systems. 

If you want to upgrade your vehicle and unleash its full potential, contact the experts at Empire Performance today and find out more about our XR5 exhausts and other superior performance products. 

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