Big Brake Kits

At Empire Performance, we are enthusiasts as well. We seek the best performance and reliability for our rides, and ensure those values are at the forefront of all products for our customers.

Argurably there is no more important system on your vehicle than the brake system! 

At Empire Performance we only supply what we have experienced as the best - Brembo. Brembo was established in Italy in 1961 and have been at the forefront of braking technology ever since. 

Brembo specialises in performance braking systems and components, as well as conducting research on braking systems. Brembo sells over 1,300 products worldwide, and is known for their aftermarket automotive brake components, including calipers, drums, rotors, and brake lines.

With more braking surface area through bigger pads, discs and extra piston calipers, you can be assured of seriously powerful stopping ability for your vehicle - essential for safety of powerful vehicles and those seeking faster track lap times.