BMW E90 Exhausts

BMW E90 Exhausts

Our BMW E90 exhausts are made to get the best power and performance out of your vehicle. We stock high quality BMW E90 exhausts designed to boost your vehicle’s performance and deliver a range of efficiencies.

Our aftermarket exhausts are known for enhanced handling of emissions which in turn creates more power. Thanks to our latest technology design our BMW E90 exhausts help your vehicle’s engine breathe better, creating more energy and power.

High Quality BMW E90 Exhausts

One of the things we are proudest of when it comes to our BMW E90 exhausts is the quality and reliability of our product. Mandrel bending is used in manufacturing our BMW E90 exhausts, to create a consistent diameter along the length of the pipe, which in turn enables air to flow much better. 

Our BMW E90 exhausts are made from high-grade stainless steel, which is known for its corrosion and rust resistant properties.

Our exhausts have the added bonus of looking and sounding great. The polished finish of our BMW E90 exhausts is sure to grab attention.

You will also notice the deep vibrato sound our BMW E90 exhausts make.  

BMW E90 Exhausts Installation

Our BMW E90 exhausts are part of a kit that includes everything you need to install your new exhaust system. Your kit will include pipes, mufflers, exhaust headers, and the required bolts and gaskets.

They come read for easy bolt-on installation. This means you don’t need special equipment to install your new exhaust and you won’t have to drill additional holes.

If you would like professional assistance to install your exhaust, we can connect you to one of trusted installers within our Australian network. 

If you have any queries about BMW E90 exhausts or any of our other aftermarket parts for your vehicle, contact Empire Performance today. Our expert team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our range of performance products and services.