Ceramic Clutches

Ceramic clutch kits typically function better under high-performance conditions than other clutch types because they grip quickly and have a higher heat tolerance. If you have decided to replace your vehicle’s clutch with one of our ceramic clutches, you may be surprised to find that you have more than one choice.

You can choose from our range of Exedy racing and sports clutches.

Racing Clutches

Racing clutches come in a variety of forms, as outlined below.

Single Sports (Series 2) Ceramic Clutches

Choose ceramic clutch kits with either race ceramic or sports ceramic discs, along with a sports cover assembly.

Hyper Carbon 

Hyper carbon clutches were designed for Formula 1 racing. Now Exedy has started to sell its advanced carbon technology to the public. These high-powered clutches work for racing and everyday driving. Choose hyper carbon clutches in single, triple, or twin constructions. 

Hyper Metal

Hyper metal clutches come in single, twin and triple plates. None are used extensively at this stage. 

Heavy-Duty Sports Clutches

If you regularly use your car for towing boats or caravans or if you’re into amateur motorsports, you may need a heavy-duty clutch. We offer several options for heavy duty clutches.

Heavy Duty Button Ceramic Clutches

Designed for rally, circuit and drag racing, these ceramic clutch kits are designed to manage tough driving conditions. The ceramic clutch kits contain a button clutch disc made from ceramic, a clutch cover assembly designed for high clamp load, and a matching release bearing. 

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