Ford Suspension

Ford Suspension

Your Ford suspension system keeps your tyres on the road, reducing bounce and sway, and balancing the weight of your vehicle evenly over the wheels when the road gets rough. When your suspension stops working as it should, car handling is impaired, and you put yourself at risk of an accident. You should have your suspension system checked every time you service your car. 

Your Ford suspension system could be ailing if you experience the following conditions.

  • Your car no longer handles as well as it used to
  • Your vehicle vibrates or makes an unfamiliar noise
  • Your tyres have worn unevenly or faster than usual
  • If there is fluid leaking from your struts or shocks
  • If you see visible damage on the shocks or struts
  • If your tyres are losing their grip and your car bounces a lot. 

If the time has come to upgrade your Ford suspension, you could replace the standard Ford suspension with a spring-in-coil absorber or coil over. It is a simple system with fewer moving parts, offering improved vehicle handling and steering precision. 

Ford Suspension Systems

Like most motor vehicle manufacturers, Ford uses different suspension systems on its various models. These include double wishbone, air suspension, MacPherson struts and solid axle Ford suspension systems. Some higher-end models even have adaptive suspension systems with sensors that monitor the road and adjust the Ford suspension to the prevalent road conditions. 

Most Ford suspension systems feature independent front and rear suspension, allowing the wheels to move independently for a smoother, more comfortable ride. 

High-Performance Ford Suspensions

At Empire Performance, you’ll find all the Ford components you need, including coil-over suspension kits, drop-in replacements for standard Ford suspension systems. Improve your ride quality with a coil-over suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride. 

The team at Empire Performance is passionate about enhanced performance vehicles. Contact us today and find out how you can take your Ford to the next level of performance. 

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