Holden Commodore Coilovers

Our High Performance Holden Commodore Coilovers

Are you looking for a supplier of quality Holden Commodore coilovers? At Empire Performance we specialise in aftermarket parts for performance vehicle enthusiasts just like you.

You may wish to consider investing in one of our Holden Commodore coilovers if you have undertaken other enhancements to your vehicle. Our aftermarket coilovers can improve the suspension system and overall performance. They are one of the most advanced forms of shock absorbers on the market today. 

Why Our Choose Holden Commodore Coilovers

Coilovers form a self-contained system that contains the coil springs, shock absorber, shock mounts and other vital components. 

Our Holden Commodore coilovers include the following features:

  • Adjustable ride height – You can lower the ride height of the Holden Commodore for better handling. When you lower the car’s centre of gravity, you can get even tyre loading and reduced roll. 
  • Lower Body Lift, Dive and Roll – Installing performance coilovers can result in stiffer spring rates, leading to reduced body roll, lift and nose dive. Our Holden Commodore coilovers are designed so that your tyres maintain the ideal contact with the ground. 
  • Changeable Damping – You can adjust the damping of the car to suit the driving conditions. Most factory-installed shock absorbers don’t have this ability. 

Coilovers can benefit all types of car owners, no matter their driving style. The tunability and selection of ride height, valving and spring rate make a coilover very flexible, whether you drive your Commodore for leisure or everyday use. 

Check out our range of Holden Commodore coilovers online and simply contact us if you are unsure of what might be the right option for your vehicle.

For more information about Holden Commodore coilovers and other performance parts, contact Empire Performance. Our team is more than happy to assist with any questions you may have and provide advice to support your Commodore aftermarket upgrade.    

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