Holden Commodore Muffler Deletes

Our High Performance Holden Commodore Muffler Deletes

When it comes to aftermarket mufflers for the Holden Commodore, the team at Empire Performance is your one stop shop. Among our most popular products are our Holden Commodore muffler deletes. 

A muffler delete is used to bypass the muffler to allow gas emissions to flow faster. Our Holden Commodore muffler deletes are designed to increase a vehicle’s power and typically produce a louder sound. 

Quality Holden Commodore Muffler Deletes 

We offer high quality Holden Commodore delete pipes that can free up trapped torque, generate more horsepower and enhance your factory systems. When you install a muffler delete, it reduces exhaust back pressure to produce more horsepower. 

Key features of our Holden Commodore Muffler deletes include:

  • Stainless Steel Pipes. Our deletes are made from high-grade stainless steel. A material prized for its ability to prevent corrosion from rust and seawater. This material typically lasts longer than stock factory-installed exhaust systems. We also use a TIG-welded CNC machined flange to provide more resistance against corrosion and pressure. 
  • Built-in Flex Pipes. Our muffler delete kits come with built-in flex pipes for simple installation and convenience.
  • 2.5” Piping. The diameter of our Holden Commodore muffler deletes is designed for optimal flow of emissions. The bigger diameter can make a difference in sound and performance. 
  • Complete Installation Kit. Our Holden Commodore muffler delete kit comes with all the bolts and gaskets needed for installation. In addition, the kit has a bolt-on installation design so that you don’t need to drill more holes to install the muffler delete. 

If you need help with the installation process, we can direct you to a reliable fitter within your area. We have access to a network of expert fitters across Australia. 

If you have any questions about Holden Commodore muffler deletes or any of our performance accessories, contact us today!

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