Our High Performance Holden Statesman Headers

Do you want to improve your Holden Statesman's overall performance? Do you want to boost its power? Then you may want to consider upgrading your vehicle with one of our aftermarket Holden Statesman headers. 

Most stock exhaust systems aren't as efficient in allowing fumes to exit or in letting air enter the system. Investing in one of our quality Holden Statesman headers is a good way to make your vehicle's exhaust system more efficient. We offer a range of Holden Statesman headers that enable exhaust fumes to flow out of the engine more effectively, delivering power and performance efficiencies. 

Advantages of Performance Holden Statesman Headers

Here are some benefits of investing in one of our aftermarket Holden Statesman headers:

  • Improve Engine Performance. The main reason you may want to upgrade to an aftermarket header is to improve engine performance. Although the difference is not as extreme as installing a supercharger or turbo, headers will still improve an engine's torque. Quality headers will generate more horsepower and grunt. 
  • Better Fuel Economy. Installing new headers should result in emission gasses being able to exit faster. You would also see improvements in air intake. The engine won’t have to work as hard and as a result should use less fuel. 
  • Longer Engine Life. When the engine needs to work too hard to produce torque, it deteriorates faster. With aftermarket headers, you can reduce the daily wear and tear on your vehicle and potentially prevent engine failure. 
  • Better Sound. When you install one of our performance headers, your vehicle will sound more powerful. As fumes exit seamlessly, the piping will produce a more profound, throatier sound. 
  • Reduce Weight. Holden Statesman headers are made of high-grade stainless steel, which is strong while also being lightweight. As a result, your car should be easier to handle and its driveability enhanced. 

For more information about Holden Statesman headers and our other aftermarket parts, contact the performance vehicle experts at Empire Performance. 

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