HSV MALOO Performance Parts

Maloo Parts

Maloo Stainless Steel Exhausts

Empire Performance’s Maloo Stainless Steel Exhausts have been custom designed not only for the ultimate in sound and performance, but their high grade stainless steel is made to withstand corrosion.

Built to last, our Maloo stainless steel exhausts are direct bolt-on with all the parts you need provided, making them suitable for DIY installation. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with a professional installer from our trusted network, who’ll install your performance exhaust in no time.

We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our Maloo stainless steel exhausts and the fact that you can pay up to three times as much for an exhaust system of a similar quality from another supplier.

Intake Kits for HSV Maloo

We stock only the best when it comes to intake kits for the Maloo, and when you’re talking about the best you can’t go past VCM.

A leader in intake technology and the go-to for most high-powered LS's, VCM intake kits will deliver you the power you need.

Maloo Upgrades

The team at Empire Performance is made up of performance vehicle enthusiasts just like our customers, so we know that you want more when upgrading your Maloo. This is why we also stock many other products designed to take the performance of your Maloo to new heights.

To find out more about quality Maloo parts, Maloo stainless steel exhausts and other performance products we sell, contact Empire Performance today.