Mitsubishi Suspension

Mitsubishi Suspension

In order to provide a comfortable ride and keep adequate control of your car on the road, your Mitsubishi suspension system is essential. When the road gets rough, it keeps your tyres firmly planted on the ground, lessens bounce and wobble, and distributes the weight of your vehicle equally among the wheels. Your car's handling is compromised when your suspension system isn't functioning properly, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Every time you maintain your car, you must have the suspension system inspected.

The following symptoms could indicate a problem with your Mitsubishi suspension system:

  • Your car's handling has decreased compared to how it was previously.
  • Your car vibrates, or it produces an odd noise.
  • Your tyres are wearing unevenly or more quickly than normal.
  • Your struts or shocks are dripping fluid.
  • The shocks or struts appear to have damage.
  • Your automobile bounces a lot and your tyres are losing their traction.

If your Mitsubishi's suspension needs to be upgraded, you might switch out the stock suspension for a coil over or spring-in-coil absorber. This straightforward method, which has fewer moving parts, enhances vehicle handling and steering accuracy.

Mitsubishi Suspension Systems

Mitsubishi employs several suspension systems across its range of models, just like the majority of manufacturers. These include solid axle suspension systems, air suspension, MacPherson struts, and double wishbone suspension. Some more expensive models even come equipped with adaptive suspension systems that use sensors to monitor the road and adjust the suspension to match the conditions.

The bulk of Mitsubishi suspension systems include independent front and rear suspension, providing a smoother, more comfortable ride by allowing the wheels to move independently.

High-Performance Mitsubishi Suspensions

Consider investing in a high-performance suspension system if you want to elevate your Mitsubishi's performance to the next level. You can find all of the Mitsubishi parts you require at Empire Performance, including coil-over suspension kits which are straight replacements for factory suspension systems. A coil-over suspension will improve your ride quality and offer a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Here at Empire Performance our staff are enthusiastic about high-performance vehicles. Find out how to increase the performance of your Mitsubishi by getting in touch with us right now. We can  assist in enhancing the handling and general driving experience of your car with our in-depth knowledge.

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