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PULSAR 50mm BOV Blow-Off Valve

Pulsar Turbos Australia


Pulsar PSR Rear Housings - PSR Series of turbos

Pulsar Turbos Australia


Nissan 350Z (2002-2007) Cat Delete Pipes
Nissan 350Z (2002-2007) Cat Delete Pipes

Empire Performance

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Nissan Pulsar Mods

Empire Performance stocks quality Nissan Pulsar mods and aftermarket parts you can use to enhance your vehicle’s performance. When it comes to your vehicle upgrades, you can’t go past our Nissan Pulsar mods range. 

Our Nissan Pulsar aftermarket parts are all about power, efficiency and reliability. We have a wide range of headers, downpipes and extractors available for different Pulsar models. We strive to stock parts that we know Nissan Pulsar owners want and need for their vehicles. 

Nissan Pulsar Aftermarket Parts

Some of our most popular Nissan Pulsar aftermarket parts are our bolt-on headers. Our aftermarket headers allow the engine to emit exhaust gases out of the cylinders with ease. They are prized for their ability to generate more energy and power.

We offer a header/extractor kit for the Nissan Pulsar. It provides a better exhaust gas flow than the factory-installed system. 

We also offer a header/downpipe kit. The downpipe allows the turbo of the engine to be more effective. It directs the gases away from the turbine to create uninterrupted power. As a result, you’ll experience less turbo lag and better overall performance.

Our aftermarket parts are for Pulsar owners who want to experience their vehicle to its full potential.

Nissan Pulsar Mods, Exhausts and Accessories

As performance vehicle enthusiasts ourselves we are committed to delivering quality Nissan aftermarket parts, as well as aftermarket accessories for other vehicle models. We only stock products from leading manufacturers. The solutions we offer are known for delivering and lasting the distance.

Be sure to browse our online store for the Nissan Pulsar mods you need to maximise your vehicle’s performance. In addition, you can contact us if you have any questions about Nissan Pulsar aftermarket parts and what may be the best parts for your driving requirements and budget. You can count on Empire Performance for all of your aftermarket parts needs.