Nissan Suspension

Nissan Suspension

The suspension system of your Nissan is responsible for maintaining the grip of your tires on the road, reducing bounce and sway, and evenly distributing the weight of your vehicle across the wheels when encountering rough terrain. If the suspension system malfunctions, it can lead to impaired handling, compromising your safety on the road. It is recommended to have your suspension checked during each scheduled maintenance service.

You may be experiencing an ailing suspension if your Nissan is exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Your vehicle's handling has worsened.
  • Your car vibrates or produces unfamiliar noises.
  • Your tyres have uneven wear or are wearing out faster than usual.
  • There are signs of fluid leakage from the shocks or struts.
  • Visible damage to the shocks or struts is present.
  • Your tyres are losing traction, and your vehicle bounces excessively.


If you're looking to upgrade your Nissan's suspension, consider replacing the standard suspension with a coilover system. This simple system has fewer moving parts, provides better vehicle handling, and enhances steering precision.

Nissan Suspension Systems

Like other car manufacturers, Nissan employs various suspension systems across its models. These include double wishbone, air suspension, MacPherson struts, and solid axle Nissan suspensions. Some premium models are even fitted with adaptive suspension systems that use sensors to monitor road conditions and adjust the suspension accordingly.

Most Nissan suspension systems feature independent front and rear suspensions, allowing the wheels to move independently for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

High-Performance Nissan Suspensions

At Empire Performance, we offer a comprehensive range of Nissan components, including coilover suspension kits and drop-in replacements for standard suspension systems. Upgrade your ride quality with our coilover suspension and enjoy a more comfortable ride.

The team at Empire Performance is dedicated to enhancing the performance of your vehicle. Contact us today to learn how you can elevate your Nissan's performance to the next level.

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