Organic Clutch

If your car has lost power and it’s time to change the clutch, you may face some choices. Should you choose clutch kits containing ceramic clutch discs, or is the organic equivalent the better choice? Do you know the difference, and which car clutches are best for your vehicle?

Ceramic vs. Organic Car Clutches

Ceramic and organic car clutches typically differ in five respects:

Friction Material

Organic car clutches are the most common but also the least durable. The clutch discs are made from resins and rubber. While metal oxides and powders provide friction. Some car clutches also contain fibreglass strands to improve their strength and durability. 

Clutch discs in ceramic clutch kits contain silicon oxide, copper, bronze and iron and occasionally graphite. 

Backing Plate Bond

Car clutches are bonded to a backing plate. The backing plate is brazed onto the ceramic disc. Rivets secure the clutch disc to the clutch plate. Organic clutch discs are moulded to the clutch plate, so it isn’t always as strong as the ceramic bond.

Comfort and Wear

Organic car clutches and clutch kits are designed for maximum driving comfort. The material in the car clutches grips slowly, ensuring a smooth shift. It also wears evenly. In high-performance settings, the friction material may form a hot spot, causing vibration and clutch slippage.  

Ceramic clutch kits on the other hand grip quickly. The quick grip sometimes causes shuddering and a hard shift. Ceramic clutch kits will wear out if you ride the clutch, but they function very well under high-performance conditions. 

Heat Resistance

Organic car clutches and clutch kits will withstand temperatures between 250° and 350° Celsius. In high-performance settings, such as racing, temperatures may exceed the specified temperature range for organic Original Equipment Manufactured car clutches. Ceramic clutch kits will, however, can perform well at temperatures of more than 500° Celsius, making them the preferred choice in high-performance environments.

Choosing Organic Clutch Kits

The best organic car clutch for you will depend on the performance you’re looking for, and how you plan to use your vehicle. Find out more by contacting our expert team.

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