Over the Radiator (OTR) Intakes

OTR intakes are designed to improve your car’s oxygen intake. These are aftermarket products, with distinct designs for different vehicle brands. Ordinarily, a car intake system feeds hot air from the engine compartment into the combustion system.

OTR intakes feed cooler, denser external air into the engine. Denser air means more oxygen, encouraging better combustion for more engine power.

How OTR Intakes Work

The Benefits of OTR intakes

The installation of OTR intakes brings several advantages. 

  • Enhanced engine performance. OTR intakes increase vehicle performance by between five and twenty horsepower, thanks to the increased oxygen. The scale of the performance improvement will depend on the model and make of the car.
  • More responsive. OTR intakes will also boost acceleration as more oxygen helps the engine to get to speed faster.
  • Improved fuel consumption. When your engine is starved of oxygen, it compensates with extra fuel. By boosting the air-to-fuel ratio in the engine you’ll enhance your engine’s fuel economy and save money.
  • Better engine sound. For some drivers, improved engine sound isn’t that important, but if you love the growl of a healthy engine, you’ll appreciate the new sound your engine makes.  

OTR intakes will power up your vehicle's performance by feeding the engine the oxygen it needs to perform at its best. Simply put, combustion engines need oxygen to produce engine power. Without an OTR intake, the local air pressure will determine the amount of oxygen that makes it through the intake valve and into the cylinders. The higher your location, the lower the ambient air pressure. The result is less oxygen makes it to the engine cylinders. 

OTR intakes are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. If you’re not satisfied with the power and responsiveness of your vehicle, give it the oxygen it needs with an OTR intake from the range at Empire Performance. 

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