Subaru FA20 Exhausts

Subaru FA20 Exhausts

At Empire Performance, we stock premium quality Subaru FA20 exhausts that will help you get the very best performance from your vehicle. 

If you have been seeking a power boost, better sound and an improvement to the overall appearance of your Subaru, it might be time to upgrade your exhaust.

Our Subaru FA20 exhausts are a great choice if you have found your factory exhaust is lacking. Our exhausts have been designed specifically to fit your Subaru with kits that come with everything you require to make the transition simple. 

An easy way to get more power from your Subaru is to upgrade your exhaust to a larger-diameter exhaust, such as one of our Subaru FA20 exhausts. 

You can rely upon an exhaust system from Empire Performance because they have been engineered to be long-lasting and more efficient than a standard exhaust.

Our Range of Subaru FA20 Exhausts

Empire Performance stocks a wide selection of aftermarket exhausts for almost all models, including Subaru FA20 exhausts. 

If you are looking for more power or want to replace part of the stock exhaust, we have cat back exhausts, engine-backs and headers designed to suit your purpose. 

Our Subaru FA20 exhausts have been manufactured to be stronger and tougher than a standard exhaust because they are made from 304 grade stainless steel. 

The kits for our Subaru FA20 exhausts come with all the bolts and gaskets you need and you won’t need to make further modifications to fit your new exhaust.

Subaru FA20 Exhausts & More Performance Solutions

Empire Performance sells aftermarket Subaru FA20 exhausts and a variety of other premium quality performance products to satisfy even the most fussy performance enthusiast. 

We also stock fuel systems, clutch kits, exhaust headers, intercoolers and intakes. If you want to overhaul your whole system, or are simply looking for easy performance solutions, contact us today. 

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