Subaru WRX Headers

Subaru WRX Headers Australia

The Subaru WRX is a sedan with a heart of a race car. It is known for precision handling and performance. But if you want to take its performance to the next level, you may want to invest in one of our Subaru WRX headers. 

If you regularly push your Subaru WRX to its performance limits, your factory-installed exhaust system of the WRX may not be as efficient as it should be in allowing emission gases to exit and fresh air to enter. Investing in one of our Subaru WRX headers is a key way of improving your vehicle’s exhaust system. We have a wide range of Subaru headers that are designed to enhance power and performance while enabling emission gases to flow better. 

Advantages of Performance Subaru WRX Headers

Here are some of the benefits you can get after installing an aftermarket Subaru WRX header:

  • Improved Performance. The main benefit you may get with an aftermarket header is better engine performance. Although the performance gained can be lower than when installing a supercharger or turbo, installing aftermarket headers can result in better engine torque. 
  • Better Fuel Efficiency. Aftermarket WRX headers can help improve the flow of emission gases. Also, they can improve air intake into the engine. As a result, the engine uses less fuel because it doesn't need to work as hard as before.
  • Longer Engine Life. Your engine deteriorates over time due to wear and tear. But you can decrease the deterioration rate with performance headers. 
  • Improved Sound. One advantage of installing a performance header is that the engine sounds more powerful. In addition, the piping will create a more profound, throatier sound as gases exit from the engine. 
  • Reduced Weight. We use high-grade stainless steel for the headers. It is lighter than other materials used for some headers. At the same time, it is more durable. As a result, it can improve the handling of your Subaru WRX. 

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