Subaru WRX Intercoolers

Subaru WRX Intercoolers Australia

The Subaru WRX is one of the most popular all-wheel-drive compact cars. It is based on the Impreza designed for the World Rally Championship. But if you want even more power from your WRX, you should consider installing one of our Subaru WRX intercoolers. 

Empire Performance has a range of quality intercoolers for the Subaru WRX. Our Subaru WRX intercoolers are designed to reduce the intake temperature of the engine without restricting its airflow. As a result, you can aggressively tune a supercharged or turbo car. 

Power Benefits from a WRX Intercooler Kit

A WRX intercooler removes restrictions that will free up power. It improves the engine’s ability to pull air in. At the same time, it provides as much cooling if possible. Our intercooler kits are designed to provide five to ten percent more power to your Subaru WRX. 

For more information about our Subaru WRX intercoolers or any of our other aftermarket parts, contact Empire Performance.

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Our Subaru WRX Intercoolers

A performance-enhanced or modified Subaru WRX can benefit a lot from an aftermarket intercooler. An intercooler is a radiator that allows the intake air to cool before entering the engine. We offer two types of Subaru WRX intercoolers. They are:

  • Front Mount Intercooler Kit – The front mount intercooler kit provides an efficient way of cooling the car because it can reach areas without losing too much energy. This type of intercooler typically gets hotter than a front-mounted one because it is close to the engine. This may be something you wish to take into consideration.
  • Top Mount Intercooler – If you drive your Subaru WRX in rugged terrains, you should consider a top mount intercooler kit. They are less likely to lose efficiency or clog with mud. In addition, they require less piping because they’re close to the intake system.

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