Toyota Suspension

Toyota Suspension

Your Toyota's suspension system is in charge of keeping your car steady on the road, minimising bounce and sway, and making sure the weight is distributed properly across the wheels even while driving over rough terrain. When the suspension system is not working properly, handling may be affected, increasing your risk of accidents. Every time you have routine maintenance performed, we suggest having your suspension system inspected.

If you observe any of the following, your Toyota suspension may be having problems:

  • The handling of your car is less precise than it used to be.
  • While driving, you experience sensations or hear odd noises.
  • Your tyres are wearing out unevenly or more quickly than usual.
  • You notice that the struts or shocks are dripping fluid.
  • There are obvious indicators of damage to the shocks or struts.
  • When turning, your car makes a lot of bouncing motions or slips.

Consider installing a coilover system in place of your factory suspension if you want to modify the suspension on your Toyota. This straightforward technology offers superior vehicle handling and more precise steering because of its reduced number of moving elements.

Suspension Systems by Toyota

Toyota uses a variety of suspension systems on all of its models, including solid axle, double wishbone, and air suspension. High-end vehicles include adaptive suspension systems that employ sensors to monitor the state of the road and modify the suspension as necessary.

For a smoother and more pleasant ride, the majority of Toyota suspension systems have independent front and rear suspensions.

Toyota High Performance Suspension

We have a large selection of Toyota parts at Empire Performance, including coilover suspension kits and drop-in upgrades for stock suspension systems. Our coilover suspension will enhance your driving experience by giving you a smoother, more pleasant ride.Our crew at Empire Performance is enthusiastic about improving your vehicle's performance. To find out how to boost your Toyota's performance, get in touch with us right away.

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