Xforce Exhaust systems and Components

XFORCE is one of Australia’s most recognised brands. Our passion for performance exhaust has no boundaries while our commitment to customers is LIMITLESS. Built on a strong philosophy, XFORCE provides the pinnacle of quality in the performance exhaust market with competitive pricing to match. Our brand is accessible to everyone with distribution networks throughout Australia.

We even cater for international customers! At XFORCE, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work which means you can always be assured that we have the right team for the job. XFORCE - by enthusiasts FOR ENTHUSIASTS. OUR PRODUCTS If you love YOUR CAR as much as XFORCE loves their exhaust - we are the company for you! Stylish yet practically designed to maximize performance, our diverse range of exhaust products are researched and custom-developed right here in Australia. The patent VAREX® Muffler application by XFORCE is an exhaust revolution - it allows YOU to be in control of how YOU want your car to sound. Our company is heavily involved in research and development, which gives XFORCE the cutting edge when it comes to performance exhaust manufacturing. 

XFORCE is known for its high-quality performance exhausts, and our commitment to customer satisfaction knows no bounds. Our extensive range of exhaust products is designed to enhance your car's performance while providing a stylish, yet practical design. We take pride in our work, utilizing our extensive research and development to deliver cutting-edge products. One of our standout features is the revolutionary VAREX® Muffler application, giving you complete control over the sound of your car. With an established distribution network and a focus on accessibility, XFORCE is the go-to brand for performance exhausts, loved by enthusiasts, and designed for enthusiasts.