Ford Falcon FG Sedan (2008-2016) Non-turbo Falcon / G6E / XR6 / G6 Stainless Exhaust Catback

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SKU: M4-190

Ford Falcon FG / FGX Non-turbo (inc XR6, G6E & G6) stainless steel exhaust

Replace the restrictive factory cat-back exhaust system with this brand new Empire Performance premium stainless steel unit.

Specifically designed for the Ford FG / FGX Falcon, XR6, G6E and G6 this system unleashes the performance and sound that they should have had from the factory!

Similar systems sell for twice the price!

Catback Specifications:

  • Premium 304-grade stainless steel piping
  • 2 bolt connecting flanges and 3-bolt flange for bolt-on installation
  • High flowing into 2.5” system
  • TIG welded
  • Mandrel Bent

Includes quality fitting hardware and components

These are a proven design producing fantastic gains on the naturally aspirated falcons.

NOTE: Not guaranteed to fit with custom LPG setups, as some of these encroach on the space for the exhaust systems. Customisation may be required for LPG cars.


All Empire Performance Exhausts feature:

Mandrel Bent Piping

Empire Performance exhausts comprise of mandrel bent, stainless pipe work, delivering uncompromising flow, performance, and sound. Mandrel bending involves placing a mandrel inside the piping, before it is bent to shape. In comparison; cheaper press bending from other manufacturers squashes the tube as it is bent, reducing flow.


Stainless Steel

Tired of your mild steel exhaust systems rusting out after a year or less? Time to shop for a stainless steel system?
Significant differences exist between the metals that make one better for performance exhaust applications than the other. Let us explain

The corrosion resistance of your exhaust depends on the content of chromium and nickel found in the alloy. Ferrous stainless steel (high iron content) is used by many manufactures due to its medium strength, formability and very low cost.

Empire Performance uses corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel for performance exhausts because of its strength and the fact it is highly resistant to rusting. Because of its low ferrous content, it can develop a golden colour when exposed to high heat over time. In fact, with Empire Performance piping, the ferrous metal content is so low that magnets won’t stick to it, making the comparison against inferior ferrous stainless steel very easy.

Put simply, Empire Performance stainless is the highest quality material used in the auto exhaust game when strength, corrosion resistance and performance are at the top of your list of priorities.

Empire Performance exhausts are exclusively constructed from high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel. Our Stainless steel is engineered with chromium and nickel content and proves to be resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and durability.

Together with a polished finish - it is the best choice for your car offering unrivaled corrosion resistance from exhaust emissions, moisture and salt exposure.


Bolt on Installation

All Empire Performance exhausts are designed to follow the same orientation and layout as the factory exhaust, making for easy bolt on installations. Our systems utilise the standard hanger locations, which means you don't have to use anything other than the factory rubbers.


Fitting Components

All Empire Performance exhaust systems include a fitting kit comprising of all required bolts, gaskets and clamps.


At Empire Performance, we understand you need peace of mind. All Empire Performance exhaust systems are covered by a confidence inspiring 2 year warranty.


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