Pierburg 4-6 psi Lift Pump (High Flow)

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Pierburg 4-6 psi Hi Flow Very reliable German made pumps for OEM applications, they flow at approximately 100 lph @ 4 psi and 12v

This pump is a flow type pump with a side channel pumping stage for 12 Volt operation. This pump is preferably used as a prepump. Pre-pumps pump the medium at low pressure in the direction of the main pump. This prevents the generation of a low pressure on the suction side of the main pump which might damage the main pump due to cavitation.

For more specific flow information see the pics

It comes with the genuine strainer and works fine with E85

Pierburg Part Number: 7.21088.62.0

  • Internal Part Number:   FP810
  • Brand:   Pierburg
  • Common Name:   Pierburg 4-6 psi Hi Flow
  • Outlet:   5/16" Barb (8mm)
  • Inlet:   Strainer is directly attached