Subaru Forester GT & XT (1997-2013) Premium Unequal Length Headers

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SKU: M2-018

Stainless Steel Unequal Length Headers for Subaru Forester GT & XT (1997-2013)

Suitable for all models of Subaru Forester GT & XT (1997 - 2013)

Unfortunately the standard Subaru Forester exhaust setup is quite restrictive to pass mass production emissions and sound legalities. Unequal length headers in our 4-2-1 configuration are slightly lighter than equal length, and are proven to increase efficiency and power, bringing boost on 200-300rpm earlier due to it's shorter runners.

Un-equal length ensures that beautiful boxer rumble is maintained!

Header Specifications

  • High flowing 4 into 2 into 1 unequal length design for the best sound possible (typical boxer note)
  • Bolts to factory exhaust / cat.
  • M10 bolt connecting flanges
  • Corrosion resistant, polished stainless steel piping and components.
  • Coated, corrosion resistant steel flanges
  • TIG welded
  • Mandrel Bent
  • Twin flex joins
  • Welded & smoothed internal joins for increased flow

These are a proven design producing fantastic gains on boxer motors.

NOTE: Only suits single-scroll turbo setups.

These headers provide the Forester with the biggest bang for your buck in performance gains for the Forester while opening up that distinctive rally car rumble the car should have left the factory with.