BMW E90 Performance Parts

At Empire Performance, we have BMW E90 parts that can increase the power of your vehicle. We stock the key parts needed for BMW E90 upgrades and taking your vehicle’s performance to the next level.

Our line of BMW E90 aftermarket parts is all about power and reliability. Some of the most popular products we stock include stainless steel exhausts and intakes. Although the production of the E90 ended after the 2011 model, we still cater to owners of this vehicle.

BMW E90 Stainless Steel Exhausts

Our team has custom designed BMW E90 stainless steel exhausts to offer the best aftermarket options on the market. We use high quality 304-grade stainless steel to make sure the pipes and exhausts can withstand corrosion from seawater and rust.

Our exhaust kits for the BMW E90 come with all the gaskets, bolts, and parts needed for DIY installation. 

If you need help with the installation process, we can refer you to a trusted expert from our network of professional fitters across the country. They can install one of our aftermarket stainless steel exhausts in no time.

Our BMW E90 stainless steel exhausts are affordably priced. We are committed to giving our customers high-quality parts at good prices. We make sure that our products are fit for the task at hand and are designed to last the distance.

BMW E90 Aftermarket Parts

We have a wide range of BMW E90 aftermarket parts including VCM OTR Intakes, which are designed to increase a vehicle’s horsepower by optimising an engine’s airflow. 

To learn more about the BMW E90 parts we stock, including our BMW E90 stainless steel exhausts, and BMW E90 aftermarket parts, contact Empire Performance. We can advise you on the best parts for your vehicle. Speak to the experts in BMW E90 upgrades today!