Holden Suspension

Holden Suspension

Any car's suspension is an essential part, but the performance and safety of a Holden greatly depend on it. The suspension system contributes to a smooth and comfortable ride for the passengers by absorbing the impact of road irregularities and vibrations. Additionally, it aids in maintaining correct control of the car, ensuring stability and handling when negotiating corners or driving on rough terrain. The suspension system also aids in distributing the vehicle's weight equally across its wheels, which can save on tyre wear and increase fuel efficiency. A car may have poor handling, more tyre wear, and a bumpy ride without correct suspension, which increases the danger of an accident for the driver and passengers. Therefore, it's crucial to have the suspension system tested and maintained on a regular basis to guarantee your Holden's performance and safety.

 The following symptoms could indicate that your Holden suspension system needs to be replaced:

  • Your car's handling has deteriorated over time.
  • Your car vibrates, or it produces an odd noise.
  • There is fluid seeping from your struts or shocks.
  • The shocks or struts appear to have damage.
  • Your car bounces a lot.
  • Your tyres are losing their traction.


A Holden's suspension may need to be replaced in order to maintain the car's overall performance and safety. The suspension's parts could deteriorate or break down over time. To guarantee that the car's handling and stability are restored to their ideal levels when this occurs, it is crucial to replace the worn or broken parts. Depending on the model and kind of suspension system it has, changing the suspension on a Holden car can involve a variety of techniques. It can entail upgrading to a high-performance suspension system or repairing worn-out or broken components like control arms, shocks, or struts. To ensure the process is completed correctly and safely, it is recommended to have the suspension replacement done by a licenced mechanic or a professional with expertise in the field.

Holden Suspension Systems

Holden employs several suspension systems across its range of cars, just like the majority of manufacturers. These include solid axle suspension systems, double wishbone suspension, air suspension, MacPherson struts, and adaptive suspension systems on higher-end models that feature sensors that monitor the road and modify the suspension to the prevailing road conditions.

The front and rear suspension systems on the majority of Holden cars and trucks are independent, allowing the wheels at either end of the vehicle to move apart from one another. The handling, stability, and ride comfort are all improved with this type of suspension system. A smoother ride and less tyre wear are produced by the independent suspension, which enables the wheels to more efficiently absorb the effects of road imperfections.

High-Performance Holden Suspension

Changing to a high-performance suspension system will considerably boost your Holden's performance. Empire Performance carries all the Holden parts you'll need, including coil-over suspension kits and replacements for the factory suspension systems. Your ride quality will be improved by a coil-over suspension, making it smoother and more pleasant.

At Empire Performance, we are dedicated to improving Holdens' performance. Contact us today to learn how to maximise the performance of your Holden. We can provide you with the gear you need to enhance your car's responsiveness and handling.

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