Holden Ute Performance & Aftermarket Parts

If you are looking for Holden Ute Parts, then you’re in the right place. We are a leading supplier of Holden Ute aftermarket parts in Australia. 

Our team at Empire Performance is passionate about bringing out the best in all of our customers’ vehicles. We are performance vehicle enthusiasts just like you, so take  aftermarkets part seriously. 

We know what you from your ute in terms of performance, and provide Holden ute aftermarket parts explicitly designed for your vehicle. We have everything you need for the ultimate in Holden ute upgrades. Whether you are looking at exhaust systems and intakes or other Holden ute parts, we’ve got the quality parts you need. 

Holden Ute Stainless Steel Exhausts

Car enthusiasts across Australia come to us for their exhaust system needs. We offer Holden Ute parts stainless steel exhausts that are custom engineered out of 304-grade stainless steel. The high-grade stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and strong.

The design of our stainless-steel exhausts provides higher performance and sound gains. You can immediately feel the difference when you have one of our exhausts in place. Your ute will feel like a brand new ride.

We designed our Holden ute stainless steel exhausts with bolt-on installation. The kit comes with all the parts needed for a DIY installation. We can also recommend a professional installer who is part of our workshop network in Australia. 

Holden Ute Upgrades

We also stock a range of other Holden ute parts. Our V8 headers and VCM OTR intakes are perfect for Holden ute upgrades. 

The VCM over-the-radiator intakes offer substantial HP gains by optimising airflow. It pulls cold air towards the radiator and into the engine and improves your Holden ute horsepower output. 

Contact Empire Performance today to get more information about Holden ute parts, Holden ute stainless steel exhausts, and other performance accessories.